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Easiest Ways to Beat Ransomware

Ransomeware threats have been around for a very long time. However, unlike in the early days when ransomeware attacks only occurred to users once in a while...

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Your Computer System

Regular users of the internet are already aware of the fact that their computer system is bound...

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Your Computer System

Regular users of the internet are already aware of the fact that their computer system is bound...Read More

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UPSers – Login Portal for Employee

Parcel service is an integral part of a country as it connects the entire country’s people through an important concept known as communication. Parcel service has been helping the people for a long time and despite the changes in the technology and the increased dependence on other forms of communication, Parcel service is still a preferred means of communication when it comes to sending and receiving parcels and other important documents. In this respect, UPS is a Parcel service which operates as an independent agency in the United States. The agency is owned by the government of the United States and has been authorized on part of the United States Constitution. Although the agency has been a mark of trust and reliability yet recently it was in news for something which might implore you to think twice before sending your packages via the agency.

Reports of the drug trafficking

Recently, a court in California charged about 24 people under the case of violation of laws regarding drugs sold in the United States and money laundering. These people were charged for the breach of laws in accordance with the multi-state methamphetamine distribution. These drug traffickers were circulating the drugs in the United States but the methods used by them was quite unsophisticated and ordinary. They made use of UPSers Login and FedEx for the purpose of smuggling the drugs. The smugglers made use of the courier service for the purpose of smuggling the drugs from one place to another and this has put a serious question mark upon the system of the courier service. The use of the courier service for smuggling drugs and other harmful substances has become quite popular in the United States and this has put the reliability of the courier service under pressure.

The trends do narrate a different story

An interesting thing that must be noticed in all this scenario is the fact that the trends of the past to point out the fact that such breached are quite common and have taken place in the past as well. Most people purchase illegal drugs and controlled substances and smuggle them from one place to another by means of the courier service.


Why Mcdonald’s Was About To Shut Down In Almost Half Of The Indian Subcontinent

You must have heard about the crisis that our beloved McD is going through in our country. There have been many rumours coming up since the day numerous branched got shut down in the capital and people are struggling to get hold of the true reason behind this sad incident. McDVoice being a very important and successful food chain in India, broke many hearts the day it was shut down’, says a local Delhiite. The probable reason behind the incident is the expiration of the license that approves the franchise to hold business in the Northern parts of India. The termination of the date and failure to get it renewed on time led to closing down of the many branches of the food chain. For more information related to the issue go to official website of the mcdonalds.

How did all this begin?

McDonald’s came to India soon after India opened its gates to globalization. Its first very outlet opened in 1996 in Delhi. With over 400 branches all across India, McDonald's is considered to be an important food chain franchise among all classes of people living here. Vikram Bakshi, the head of the CPRL since 1996, started to face some allegations that cost him the chair in 2013. According to some accusations, India started to face some financial issues due to the happenings under Bakshi. After many legal fights and oppressions and protest inside, Bakshi was appointed as the managing director again in 2014, the decision made by the NCLT which was not appreciated very much by the McDonald’s.


The regular battles between the board, the franchise, Bakshi, etc. produced many problems in managing the whole chain in the northern and eastern parts of the country. The allegations and accusations started to affect the grown of the brand in these parts and led to a decrease in the quality of services that were offered to their customers. This led to the termination of many new ideas that were about to be applied in the northern and eastern India. Also, all these limitations led to an expansion in the business for the franchise in Southern parts of India.


Easiest Ways to Beat Ransomware

Ransomeware threats have been around for a very long time. However, unlike in the early days when ransomeware attacks only occurred to users once in a while, it has now become very commonplace and it bombards users with different updates and versions on a daily basis.  

However, it is of the utmost importance to understand that ransomeware threats have metamorphosed rapidly to become the real threats today.  

Ransomeware attackers are using their malicious practices and codes to cause real damage to users. That is why users have also started adopting some smart tactics to avoid ransomeware threats.  

A lot of measures can be taken to prevent the incursion of  ransomeware attacks. Some of them are 

Take Preventive Measures 

This is the very first step that should be adopted by users. The adoption of these steps will ensure the security and safety of your system.  

Some of the preventive measures that can be adopted will be highlighted in some of the measures that will be mentioned below.  

Install A Reputable Security Suite 

A lot of ransomeware attacks occur as a result of malicious links embedded in emails or through virus infested websites.  

If you have a strong Anti Malware software installed on your computer, it will be able to scan and discover these spam mails and infected websites and it will stop your entry.  

It is advisable for you to install a good firewall protection software alongside the Anti Malware program. This will serve as a second line of defence against any form of virus attack.  

This will serve to protect your system without creating any additional trouble.  

Change Your Browser Behaviour.  

We have already established the fact that the majority of all virus attacks occur as a result of malicious websites and links.  

Therefore, the mere act of altering your browsing behaviour will go a long way in saving your computer system from any form of trouble.  

However, it is of the utmost importance for you to note that emails or links from an unknown source should never be opened.  

This includes links that are said to lead to lucrative ad deals or a link that claims to lead to a program that will offer your system protection from possible ransomeware attack.  

Set A System Restore Point 

Setting a system restore point is a very effective step in keeping your computer safe from any possible form of data loss that can result from ransomeware attacks.  

What this function does is that it virtually backs all your important data and files up so you can have easy access to them in the future.  

Backup Data 

This preventive measure is one of the most effective. It saves all your important data and files on an external drive in case of any data loss that can occur as a result of ransomeware attack.  

Therefore, it is advisable that you do a full system data backup regularly.  

You can backup your files on cloud servers or on external drives. This will enable you to have access to important data and you can recover and restore them whenever and wherever they are wanted.  

Keep Your System Updated 

The majority of ransomeware attacks are targeted at systems that are not updated regularly. This is because these old systems are usually out of date and are thus not able to deal with new threats.  

Therefore, it is very important for you to ensure that your computer is update and equipped with all the latest OS updates.  

This is because each new update features some certain security updates and bug fixes that offer protection against targeted or random malware attacks.  

Another important thing to note is that the process of downloading pirated software leaves you vulnerable to even more threats. This is because these cloned software usually contain some malicious content.  

Also, it is advisable for you to verify the software you are installing and its Source Certificates. This is because a lot of Operating Software developers make it a requirement for all manufacturers to digitally sign and register their software.  

Therefore, if your Operating System brings up a warning screen that informs you that the program you are about to install is unsigned, it is better for you to cancel such an installation.  

Beat Ransomeware 

If after taking the steps mentioned above, your computer still gets infected by ransomeware threats, there are some steps that can be taken to beat this. They include: 

Disconnect From The Network Immediately 

First, you have to understand the basic workings of ransomeware.  

When malwares like ransomeware attack your computer system, the first step is to initiate a connection with a central Command and Control server that now relays further instructions.  

For you to prevent this kind of situation, you should disconnect your computer from the network immediately you discover the infection.  

That way, you get to sever the link between your infected computer and the Command and Control servers for the ransomeware. By doing so, you also automatically prevent the infection of other machines and computer systems.  

Most ransomeware take a while to encrypt and infect your files so if you take these preventive measures early, you will be able to prevent your precious data and information from getting corrupted.  

Ask The Experts 

One of the prevalent signs of ransomeware attacks is a lagging system, that is, the system’s processing speed reduces.  

Other signs include the constant emergence of unwanted pop-up messages, system freeze, and system hang.  

Whenever, you see the first signs of any of these happening, you should not delay in consulting the right experts. If they act swiftly enough, they will be able to prevent significant damage to your computer.  

Also, you can do additional research that will show you measures you can implement to keep your data secure.  

Once the extent of the damage ransomeware attacks can cause is determined, you can then proceed to establish preventive measures.  

Studies have further buttressed the fact that the adoption of preventive !measures is usually the best way to prevent ransomeware attacks. This is because when ransomeware attacks files, only very few methods can work in the decryption of these files.