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Ransomeware threats have been around for a very long time. However, unlike in the early days when ransomeware attacks only occurred to users once in a while...

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Regular users of the internet are already aware of the fact that their computer system is bound...

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Your Computer System

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UPSers – Login Portal for Employee

Parcel service is an integral part of a country as it connects the entire country’s people through an important concept known as communication. Parcel service has been helping the people for a long time and despite the changes in the technology and the increased dependence on other forms of communication, Parcel service is still a preferred means of communication when it comes to sending and receiving parcels and other important documents. In this respect, UPS is a Parcel service which operates as an independent agency in the United States. The agency is owned by the government of the United States and has been authorized on part of the United States Constitution. Although the agency has been a mark of trust and reliability yet recently it was in news for something which might implore you to think twice before sending your packages via the agency.

Reports of the drug trafficking

Recently, a court in California charged about 24 people under the case of violation of laws regarding drugs sold in the United States and money laundering. These people were charged for the breach of laws in accordance with the multi-state methamphetamine distribution. These drug traffickers were circulating the drugs in the United States but the methods used by them was quite unsophisticated and ordinary. They made use of UPSers Login and FedEx for the purpose of smuggling the drugs. The smugglers made use of the courier service for the purpose of smuggling the drugs from one place to another and this has put a serious question mark upon the system of the courier service. The use of the courier service for smuggling drugs and other harmful substances has become quite popular in the United States and this has put the reliability of the courier service under pressure.

The trends do narrate a different story

An interesting thing that must be noticed in all this scenario is the fact that the trends of the past to point out the fact that such breached are quite common and have taken place in the past as well. Most people purchase illegal drugs and controlled substances and smuggle them from one place to another by means of the courier service.

Joining hands with TuSimple

In other news, the self-driving company TuSimple has been chosen by United States Parcel service as part of the testing of the autonomous technology exclusively owned by the startup. In the initial period of the test runs, the Parcel service shall conduct round trips to and from the centres of Arizona, Dallas, Texas, and Phoenix. These test runs shall also decide the future of the operations that take place in the Parcel service company. The startup which was founded in the year 2015 has garnered enough publicity in the past few years. If the partnership comes into existence, it shall be a huge turn for the startup. Thus, with the help of this information about UPS, you shall be able to stay updated with the changes in the agency’s operations.