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To Protect Or Not To Protect? Some Prolific Malware Types That Could Harm Your Computer System

Regular users of the internet are already aware of the fact that their computer system is bound to be infected at some point and this is usually irrespective of the amount of care they take in their online activities.  

This article will examine some of the more harmful types of malware that can compromise the security of a computer. Also,  will provide some tips that will help you deal with any occurrence of malware attack.  

However, it is important for you to note that not all Malware programs operate based on one preset objective.  

Some of these programs are geared towards distracting the user while others were created to waste the time of the user.  

However, not all malware programs are wholly malicious. A number of them are programmed towards the creation of traffic for some websites hole others are used simply as point of sale.  

The truly sinister and malicious ones are the one created solely for the theft, high jacking, and destruction of important data.  

This article is the last in our long lime of articles that elaborate on the topic: “Protection: Important or nah?” 

Therefore, you should note that even though preceding articles have talked about a lot of malware programs, none of the ones we will be discussing here have been mentioned earlier.  


Most users cannot differentiate between one Malware program and another so they just group all of them under one umbrella: virus! 

However, there is a world of difference between different malware programmes. Therefore, there is no general overarching technique that applies to all Malware. Each programme has a unique procedure for its care.  

A virus can be described as a self replicating and malicious program. It is responsible for all forms of unpleasant situations but it is most notorious for deleting, updating, and wiping data and information.  

The same definition can go for a lot of malicious malware programs but the major difference is that only viruses can be transferred from one computer to another.  


Some programs are engineered basically for the monitoring of systems. They then generate and transmit feedback to remote servers and computers. These programs are referred to as spyware.  

When a spyware is controlled by a cyber criminal who is operating with malicious intents, such a program can become a very dangerous weapon indeed.  

This is because the program gives the user access to sensitive data and information that can be used to harm victims of such attacks.  


Pop up ads are no longer a new sight to veteran users of the internet. These pop-up messages are adware programmes that are designed specifically to halt and interrupt the usual flow of process to display these messages.  

Whenever you experience a sudden screen or a windows page that appears out of nowhere while you are browsing the internet, you should know that you are falling victim to adware.  

However, you have to come to terms with the fact that not every form of adware is bad. A lot of them are just used for the advertisement and sales of products.  

The more malicious forms of adware, however, will appeal to the user’s innermost desires. They are usually in the form of messages that tell the user that he or she has won a lottery and thus, come into the ownership of hundreds of millions of dollars.  

Such messages distract the user from the original aim of surfing the net and they usually lead to a website that is stock full of malicious contents like viruses and other forms of Malware programs.  

But when you carefully scrutinize it, lures like the ‘Lottery Ticket Bait' should not work on a lot of people. How can you win a lottery when you know you did not purchase a ticket? 

Other adware messages use means like the offering of pretentious gifts to lure their victims. The programmers often use intelligence software to monitor the user’s internet habits and thus use an evaluation of this to predict desire.  

When they have a good knowledge of a user’s online tendencies, it will be easy for them to lure the user to click on whatever they want.  


This is one of the more interesting Malware programs. It is usually used by people who want to improve their website’s search engine performance.  

But like a lot of things in life, people use Hijacker for a lot of purposes and with different motives.  

Most times, it is used to divert search engine results to a particular website. It can also be used to direct users’ start up pages or home pages to their own websites. As a result, access to the preset and legitimate site is blocked.  

The primary function of the program is the highjacking and redirecting of online activities. This is why it was aptly named ‘Hijacker’   


It has already been established that you will need more than one technique to take care of different Malware threats. This is because each Malware program requires a different technique.  

Below are some tips that will prove helpful if you ever have to take care of Malware problems  

  • You need to identify the type of Malware you are dealing with. This will go a long way in helping you shorten and eliminate the process of finding a solution.  
  • You need to return your computer to the state it was in before the malicious program was downloaded and installed. This can be done through the System Restore function.  
  • You will have to reboot your computer system thought the Windows ‘F8’ key. It allows you to access all your computer files and then easily eliminate the malicious program.  
  • Reset tour browser to the default mode.  
  • Download Microsoft Security Essential.  
  • Install good and effective adware programs.  
  • Download and install a good anti malware program.  
  • Make sure that your computer is updated regularly.  
  • Do not open a file attachment unless you are source of its source.  
  • Only install patches that are from trusted websites.  
  • Install a very good firewall.  


You will find out that by just taking any of the steps stated above, you will be free from random Malware attacks.