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Why Mcdonald’s Was About To Shut Down In Almost Half Of The Indian Subcontinent

You must have heard about the crisis that our beloved McD is going through in our country. There have been many rumours coming up since the day numerous branched got shut down in the capital and people are struggling to get hold of the true reason behind this sad incident. McDVoice being a very important and successful food chain in India, broke many hearts the day it was shut down’, says a local Delhiite. The probable reason behind the incident is the expiration of the license that approves the franchise to hold business in the Northern parts of India. The termination of the date and failure to get it renewed on time led to closing down of the many branches of the food chain. For more information related to the issue go to official website of the mcdonalds.

How did all this begin?

McDonald’s came to India soon after India opened its gates to globalization. Its first very outlet opened in 1996 in Delhi. With over 400 branches all across India, McDonald's is considered to be an important food chain franchise among all classes of people living here. Vikram Bakshi, the head of the CPRL since 1996, started to face some allegations that cost him the chair in 2013. According to some accusations, India started to face some financial issues due to the happenings under Bakshi. After many legal fights and oppressions and protest inside, Bakshi was appointed as the managing director again in 2014, the decision made by the NCLT which was not appreciated very much by the McDonald’s.


The regular battles between the board, the franchise, Bakshi, etc. produced many problems in managing the whole chain in the northern and eastern parts of the country. The allegations and accusations started to affect the grown of the brand in these parts and led to a decrease in the quality of services that were offered to their customers. This led to the termination of many new ideas that were about to be applied in the northern and eastern India. Also, all these limitations led to an expansion in the business for the franchise in Southern parts of India.

After effects:

Once the shutdowns begin, CPRL got around 15 days to cease all operations that were going on under the name of the franchise. This included all the branches, logos, advertisements, promotions, recipes, etc. This would have resulted in the closure of all the leftover McDonald’s branches in northern and eastern India if CPRL fails to get the license renewed and get the new permission on time. By working day and night and putting their blood and sweat together, the CPRL made sure our favourite food chain would not go away from us any time soon. The services could be checked and revised though, the stores opened again and McDonald’s got back it’s customers without much struggle. The company is expected to make several changes that can improve the customer services that include online deliveries in Northern parts of India. CPRL may even replace Bakshi with a new managing director.